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Multipotentialite is more than just Jack Of All Trades

Ever since Emilie Wapnick in her TED talk introduced multipotentialites, a tribe that had not diagnosed their superpowers, she owned the term “multipotentialite”. It means she get to appear on top of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) for that keyword. Currently, that’s the second best thing the world gauges a content creator like us with. The first still remains the quality of the content, of course.

As oxymoronic as it sounds, the virtual world lets you survive only if you are real, despite all the robotics and technicalities. Multipotentialite is a real thing and is soon to trend.

Multipotentialite means you are multi talented with diverse interests and have a potential in mastering various arts and niches concurrently. It simply reassures that it is ok to heed to more than one true calling.

As much as how worthlessness impact a person’s self esteem, being worthy of working in multiple fields also have an overwhelming impact. They both lack the quality for success centred on specialisation or focusing on niches or a single talent or profession, defined by the world. It makes it difficult for a multipotentialite to prove their uniqueness worthy. Emilie’s TED talk may have offered that support and even cleared their self-doubt. She also probed the audience and gave few others a moment of truth.

Da Vinci was a Multipotentialite

Do you already feel that you are a part of the tribe? You might as well start learning more than just the names of Leonardo Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, René Descartes, Isaac Newton, Aristotle, Maya Angelou and Cleopatra. These are few of the famous multipotentialites in history.

Let me interrupt your thoughts to answer those questions that cropped when I listed those names. Could they be your ancestors? Necessarily Not! Inspirations? Yes! They pursued and mastered all or at least most of their multiple interests and were successful in it.

For instance, Da Vinci’s areas of interest included Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Science, Music, Mathematics, Engineering, Literature and even Astronomy. The world still celebrates his Mona Lisa’s smile, applauds his detailed study of the human anatomy. He probably is the pioneer of robotics.

Polymath, Renaissance Person, Generalist and Scanners are few such related yet unique terms, honoured by these legends, for achievement in their various diverse interests.

Letting It Die is also Killing…

More than the idea of being related to the legends, we could concur to the thought that all of us are born a multipotentialite. The demanding world however restricted us to become mere experts or professionals in specialized fields.

As kids, we were passionate about several things. We drew a lot, dismantled toys, played house, dressed our choice, thanked everybody, fought a little, hugged many, sang freely and danced crazy. But slowly were coached to channelize our energy to one like of ours. Thus making the others starve to die slowly.

The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education

Albert Einstein

Reasoning your academic inadequacy as a multipotentialite, you may well relate to the above quote. There is also this other popular t-shirt quote “I was born intelligent but education ruined me” by anonymous.

Isn’t it true? You focused all your might to accommodate a professional degree designed to stand witness of your qualifications. Were you completely oblivious you surrendered most of our interests in the process?

Do you like a Challenge?

Could you recall the full-page theorem you memorised all night in your school, or better in your college, since you chose your specialisation? Couldn’t? You still feel your good grades are valuable?

How about your summer holiday craft, the poetic letter you wrote to GOD, and the replica you sculpted of a souvenir that you couldn’t afford. Made with love and passion, you treasure them. It was an act of pouring yourself in it and you enjoyed it.

If you are still debating art or hobby is different from profession, remind yourselves who decides on those? Isn’t it sickening? to realise your idea of doing what you love is now an occasional well planned yet postponed, socially obligated task.

Time to Change Perspective

The TED Talk did open gates and many of us came out of the closet cured of self-doubt and the self alleged attention deficit disorder. Embracing the fact that multipotentialite is not a disease has already started showing positive signs.

With more people to support our claims, the struggle to cater needs to our multiple interests will soon be addressed. The fact that there are more like us in the world has given great strength to battle the fear that another interest of ours may impact your current profession.

Turn to your Tribe of Multipotentialites

Lets now plan and organise our day to wake all interests suppressed deep inside us. But this is no competition. Let us show the world that there is nothing wrong in pursuing multiple interests and more so that we are capable of it.

We are Multipotentialites. Settling for normal or the norms of success by the world is never our style. Lets us begin to live for ourselves by our own definitions and we will run our own race.

Emilie may have been the mother of multipotentialite. But going by the facts and definitions, I wonder all moms around the world are indeed under rated multipotentialites.

So go ahead, make phew changes and get all those colours, not just blue. Free you from guilty like I did. There is simply nothing weird about us!