Celebrating Failure to Success is the right order!

Failure to success stepping stones

Most of the time, success has always been the most acknowledged reason for celebrations around the world.

Success could be in:

  • Giving an interview
  • Making a school project
  • Proposing to a girl or a guy
  • Rocking a business pitch
  • Winning a competition
  • Running a 10 km marathon, or
  • Toddler taking the first step

But there is another reason for celebration, most of us ignore. Failure. Which is indeed the primary reason for most of the success celebrations. Every success story will have strong backing story of failure to begin with.

From Failure to Success…

The stepping-stone of success as told for ages, is so true. FAILURE, undoubtedly, is the only common factor for winners, legends and leaders around the world. No matter what their achievement was, every one of them failed several times; some like Edison, even thousand times. And that’s exactly why it needs to be celebrated!

Reason # 1: Losses are Gains

While travelling the unknown path, your failure is a mere stumble. It simply means you have tried something new. With that, you are now a dreamer who is taking action.

Losing has generously offered you a personalised experience. An insight to your initial idea, and a list of mistakes to avoid, and move forward. If those are not a pack of goodies for your plan, what else is?

Also, remember, you are now one failure less to your success. Like your bike mirror that reads, ”Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear”.

Reason # 2: Personal Upgrade

You now know your weaknesses and possess a list of potential obstacles. Your failures have equipped you with more compassion and mindfulness to re-envision your approach to success and gather inputs that you may have ignored initially, rushing to begin afresh. 

Your perspective to the entire journey has changed. You are more careful and responsible than before; you are a new version of yourself.

Reason # 3: Financial Savings!

Once bitten twice shy! After failure, physical comebacks are easy. However, financial setbacks block your mental readiness. It would affect all those who are solely dependent on you. Even if you were willing to fight hard, your emotional quotient would question the importance of your success against your family’s sufferance.

Thus when you re-envision your goal, you tend to assess the financial losses caused by your failure, and have a budgeted approach to success. This would provide a cushion, should there be another bump in your ride. Some savings comes handy, specially, when you have invested a mammoth.

If not for celebrations, a little cash in hand is always good, should you wish to take a break!

Let the celebration of success begin

So take a break, have some personal time before you plunge to action. This time, you have your experiences, refined priorities and an eye on the budget.

You are now, more PREPARED than the last time. If that does not strengthen you to gear up from your failure to success, what else would?

So grab that party hat and lets celebrate the failure, as you make phew changes!