Hi, I’m Ahamed Shyam! And You?

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Ahamed Shyam

Words are a tricky form of communication that can easily be misunderstood. So, handling it well is an art and a lifelong learning process. Love for it started when you have to be creative every time to explain your name “Ahamed Shyam” – more of an oxymoron to the world.

Communication Expert, Production Designer, News Producer, Presenter and a Video Jockey, I was exploring with no one true calling.  Was I ok with it? No.. Not until I heard the term “Multipotentialite”. I instantly knew it was a superpower. Having embraced it mindfully, I now preach it!

I also like to translate content to Tamil and have volunteered myself at TED Translators to translate some of the mind-blowing, inspiring talks to Tamil. The experience challenges and at the same time surprises me every single day. You can view and comment on some of my work here!

What could be the best way to do it? Write. I’m no saint brimming with knowledge, but I have the talent to feed the right keywords to google search engine, for information. The Top-performing in Google SERP “101 Communication Quotes” is a good example.

Welcome to my blog! Let us explore and decode some misconstrued illnesses and stereotypes that are part of our life. Let us make PHEW changes to our thoughts, words, and actions! 

Did I mention, I am a lyricist too? If you do love music, my lyrical work can be quite complementing!

Love & Peace,
Ahamed Shyam

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