Ahamed Shyam here! My love, you are?

You are still wondering how is my name “Ahamed Shyam”, a combination that is more of an oxymoron to the world. I make up stories every time when someone asks me that question, but honestly, it just happened and made it easy for “Username Available” almost on all platforms.

Content Writer, Production Designer, News Producer & Presenter, TED Translators, a VJ, and Thanks to the almost-full-time Lyricist, I am everywhere now. Did the no-one-true-calling world judging agree? Kinda, with the support of Emilie Wapnick coining the term “Multipotentialite”.

But eventually, I did find something common in all roles I did. My love for WORDS. I’m no saint brimming with knowledge or even vocabulary. But then with a few click clack click, I can feed the right keywords to the Google Search Engine, for info. My Google SERP Top-performing “101 Communication Quotes” is proud proof. Did you also read it as soundproof? HA HA!

Welcome to my blog! Just like your thought about my name, Let us explore and decode some misconstrued illnesses and stereotypes that are part of our life. Let us make PHEW changes to our thoughts, words, and actions!

Rules and standards of the past made for their time then, were never refreshed after. You do not want to be paying all your life for an outdated decision. Wouldn’t that be exhausting?

Like the ‘late’ but ‘at least now’ policy revisions, start filling up old holes. But be wary of your limitations and exhausting resources, else you will leave a much bigger one for the following generation to fill.

But that’s how is the journey of life. If you do challenge to take a road travelled or explored and make a change, it becomes an evolution. Lets hope the change is consistent to leave less trouble for the men of future to deal. They deserve their own life to live.

Excerpt from my post “Will Reimagining Education Allow Rhinos to Make Love?

Love & Peace

Ahamed Shyam