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Why is Body Shaming not the Best Fitness tip?

How stupid are you?
Do have your brain weighed, Will you?
You should read a book to get a little more intellectual.
Please tell your parents you lack brilliance.

These are questions that you at some point of time wished you had asked few people you met in your life. Who, by the way, totally deserves it. But you know it is offensive and not worth your time or energy for the conversation that would follow after that.

Would you personally be comfortable facing such questions at any point of your life? I don’t think so. Now what deems a question acceptable to ask? Does it validate the emotional impact at the receiving end?

Action or practice of humiliating someone by making mocking or critical comments about their body shape or size.

Body Shaming as per Dictionary

In these changing times, every definition demands reasoning. This new wave or movement of the digital generation with platforms for their opinions, invented new terms. You can popularise a mistake by simply naming it or even cooler HashTag it.

Body shaming is one such tag that shunned people who were comfortably making remarks about others’ body types. Making people realise that their remark is insulting someone, shattering their body confidence and making a negative emotional impact was the core idea.

Being criticised for the way one looks questioned the definition for beauty impractically measured on charts of size. It however, got diverted mostly at the obese (fat shaming) and lost its essence on the way becoming a theme for promotions of plus size wardrobe.

Incidentally, body shaming wasn’t just about the happily filled but also for the happily thin. Tada! Born another tag ‘Skinny shaming’.

You will surely fly away one day…
You look like a school kid…

Stick, Bones, Toothpick, Elephant, Water Tank and Flat as board are just a few among the whole body shaming vocabulary that evolved over years. Skinny shaming though, unlike fat shaming, until pointed out almost passed unrecognisable for offensive. It was even made to believe as a remark of concern or care.

Thus, irrespective of the context pronounced. It still hurts. Body Shaming hurts and annoys.

You should check out the kids’ section
We only have up to XXXL!

The ever-changing illogical standards that define beauty badly needed a makeover (beauty pun intended). People needed to realise that these standards are mere traps for marketing products to make them something they are not. Like how, one can find comfortable clothes anywhere they like; Do not suggest them to go to the kids’ section.

The hard truth is, you will basically be ridiculed for something or the other, no matter how perfect you are. The least you can do is to let it bother you. Your body fat percentage isn’t rating your existence in humanity.

Body Shaming, Fat Shaming, Skinny Shaming, all of it paved the way to Body Positivity. It came in as a defender rescuer to help people celebrate and embrace their natural body. No matter what size or shape you are, as long as you’re healthy and kind, you are the best version of yourself!

Unless you are sick and are prescribed to balance your body weight, you basically need not change for any silly remarks.

Do they feed you at home or not?
Don’t you eat anything?
You look weak? You should see a doctor.

When it comes to diet, please note that body size is never, “never” always dependent on what or how much one eat. This could be a little difficult to digest (food pun intended). There are people who hog their heart’s content, yet remain thin and then there are those who cautiously munch a little but are heavy.

It is all about hormones, genetics and metabolism. So, if you were to offer free dieting tips, please do note that a happily thin person has already tried Banana, Egg, Chicken, Protein, Milk, Potatoes, Avocado, Cheese and Yogurt. 

Every human body differs in its unique nutritional wants and needs. When you suggest a diet to somebody, you are confining them to limits depriving the vitamins and minerals they have been absorbing through their regular intake. You may also be opposing their moral value for their appetite and put their fast burning metabolism at fault. You are no dietician. Stop Free Food Advices. Period.

Who will marry you if you look like this?
Do you masturbate a lot?

Weird, you believe, love is blind, but marriage eyes on your shape. Blaming someone’s single status on their appearance and that “way across the line personal question” are really gross. While the strong willed learn to outgrow all of them, the social pressure concerns any parent to worry. No matter how much ever adult they are, if it concerns their parents, it invariably gets them. When it does, they agree to adopt few changes, contradicting their beliefs.

Even if it is to do something they dislike or give up something they like.

For example, Someone who loves to walk talking to trees are grounded. They may also have to give up dancing or jumping, basically any physical activity, as you threatened it would further make them vanish into thin air. Only that it won’t, but who would believe.

For some, it is the task of taking pills and powders that taste like feet, even if flavoured exotically. These supplements, most of the time are not directed or prescribed by any physician and are even harmful to internal organs.

Do you see a remark as simple as “why are you like this?” pushes them to risk their happy spot and healthy life?

To all of us who are unique

Do not be bothered by any standards, let’s derive our own equation. I say or let’s together say – “Health is neither equal nor opposite to the size of your body”.

For instance, Bruce Lee was never gigantic, but none has ever taken his punch with a smile. He did not let his extremely low body fat or his lean appearance define his strength. I’m sure there are also some interesting examples of someone heavy. Move your fat finger a bit and Google.

How about a punch?

You simply cannot judge someone’s health by just looking at him or her. If you are really concerned about their health, you could probably let them punch you on your face and measure them by their strength. Trust me, they will be happy to cooperate.

There are thousands of body types and to impose an unsolicited opinion even meant in a positive way on any body type is offensive. You don’t have to invalidate another to make your point. It is and will always be offensive. Just like those questions in the beginning.

Make Phew Changes. Never offer free advise!

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